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Ready for a change? A change in your career? Lifestyle? The weather?
Would you like to go to the beach more often, explore the outback, go fishing, mountain biking?Maybe buy a house with a pool, a, boat or 4×4? Or just spend more time with your family.
These and many other opportunities are ready and waiting for you here in Australia.
If you’re a qualified diesel mechanic, your expertise is valued and in demand in Australia. 
Diesel Mechanics DownUnder are here to help.

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Qualified Diesel Mechanics Wanted.
Australian employers can sponsor qualified diesel mechanics from overseas with the right experience.

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Jobs and Lifestyle

What do you do with your free time? What would you like to be doing with your free time? Australia offers employment opportunities to the right candidates that offer packages you can live off – and enjoy your time away from work with your family and friends.


Qualified diesel mechanics have found great career and life style opportunities in Australia. Watch our story about diesel mechanics who are already DownUnder!

UK diesel mechanic and workshop supervisor, Dean Hunt, talks to Diesel Mechanics DownUnder about his move to Australia – and how its worked out for him and his family.

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